Producció científica amb dades SIDIAP: Segon i tercer trimestre 2016

articlesAvui ens fem ressò dels darrers articles publicats durant el segon i tercer trimestre del 2016 utilitzant dades SIDIAP. En un post anterior teniu els articles del primer trimestre del 2016.

En aquesta nova onada d’articles trobareu estudis sobre malaltia pneumocòccica, diabetis, alcohol i avisos clínics entre altres temes que us poden interessar.

A continuació, tens les referències dels articles per si els vols llegir o consultar:

Avisos clínics

Effectiveness of computerized point-of-care reminders on adherence with multiple clinical recommendations by primary health care providers: protocol for a cluster -randomized controlled trial. SpringerPlus (2016) 5: 1505.

Malaltia pneumocòccica

Prevalence of High-Risk Underlying Conditions for Pneumococcal Disease Among People Over 50 years in Catalonia, Spain.  Primary Health Care 2016, 6:3

Diabetis mellitus

Is diabetes mellitus correctly registered and classified in primary care? A population-based study in Catalonia, Spain.  Endocrinol Nutr. 2016;63(9):440-448

Diabetes and new-onset atrial fibrillation in a hypertensive population. Annals of Medicine. Volume 48, 2016 – Issue 3, 119-127.

Glycaemic control and antidiabetic treatment trends in primary care centres in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus during 2007–2013 in Catalonia: a population-based study – BMJ Open 2016;6

Projecte ODHIN

Implementing referral to an electronic alcohol brief advice website in primary healthcare: results from the ODHIN implementation trial. BMJ Open 2016;6:e010271


Role of renal function in cardiovascular risk assessment: A retrospective cohort study in a population with low incidence of coronary heart disease. Preventive Medicine 89 (2016) 200–206

Real-Life and RCT Participants: Alendronate Users Versus FITs’ Trial Eligibility Criterion. – Calcified Tissue International September 2016, Volume 99, Issue 3, pp 243–249

Association between overweight and obesity and risk of clinically diagnosed knee, hip, and hand osteoarthritis: A population‐based cohort study. Arthritis & Rheumatology, 2016. Volume 68, Issue 8.Pages 1869–1875

The burden of cardiovascular morbidity in a European Mediterranean population with multimorbidity: a cross-sectional study.BMC Family Practice (2016) 17:150  

Prevalence and incidence of bronchiectasis in Catalonia, Spain: A population-based study Respiratory Medicine, Volume 121, December 2016, Pages 26–31

Aquesta entrada s'ha publicat en Inici, SIDIAP i etiquetada amb , , . Afegiu a les adreces d'interès l'enllaç permanent.

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